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Small Motorists First Aid Kit Refill BS-8599 Compliant

Small Motorists First Aid Kit Refill, ideal for 1 - 3 passengers and this kit is BS8599-2: 2014 Compliant. This refill pack for the small motorists first aid kit meets the new national standard for first aid provision within motor vehicles. The contents of this kit include the following: (Box not included)

1 x First aid guidance leaflet
1 x Trauma dressing – large, 15cm x 400cm stretched
5 x Cleansing wipes,Sterile saline wipes
5 x Sterile adhesive dressings, Washproof plasters 7.5 x 2.5
1 x Nitrile disposable gloves (pair), Size large
1 x Resuscitation face shield (A), One way valve resusciade
1 x Burn dressing (C), Burnshield burn dressing 10cm x 10cm
1 x Heavy duty shears, Paramedic shears

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